Our Structural and Site Investigation Services

At Concept we are closely associated with leading UK and International Academic Institutions, allowing us to keep abreast of technical developments whilst maintaining a pool of specialist Consultants.

Our specialist structural and site investigation services include:

  • Numerical Structural Modelling and Analysis
  • Investigation of punching failures in slabs
  • Bridge assessment
  • Static and dynamic finite-element modelling of skeletal and continuum structures.
  • Soil-structure interaction analyses relating to the behaviour of ground slabs
  • Analysis and design of shell structures, including large diameter domes and major liquid retaining vessels constructed from steel, concrete, or composite materials

We work closely with architects, project developers, building owners, and contractors to deliver effective structural and site investigation solutions.

Whatever the sector, project size, location, or structural material we provide a service intended to maximise value and minimise construction time.

Site operative doing a survey on a run down building

What is Site And Structural Investigation?

Structural and site investigation is used to assess ground conditions and sub-surface structure prior to the development of a site or property. During site investigation, both geotechnical and environmental data are collected and analysed to determine if the specific site is suitable for any proposed development.

Site operative conducting a pile investigation within an enclosed space

Why is Site Investigation Important?

Failing to carry out thorough site investigations can be one of the biggest risk elements in the development of concepts and construction and in turn, budgets for proposed projects. If the ground beneath a project proves to be incompatible there can be huge cost and safety implications.

It is important to carry out site investigations and report on the engineering considerations to understand the geology of a proposed site for development/redevelopment. This can assist in the preparation of budget, design, or remedial works to be undertaken before any planned construction takes place.

Rotary Rig and Concept Van set up on site over looking a Central London view

Subsidence Site Investigation 

Subsidence is the cause of major structural damage to property and infrastructure across the UK and is primarily related to geotechnical causes.

Subsidence often manifests itself as visual damage to buildings and structures whilst invisibly impairing the structural integrity of the building and its foundations.

Concept has extensive experience in the design and implementation of site investigations to determine the root cause of subsidence damage to residential and commercial properties.

Our services include detailed site investigation surveys that include a comprehensive set of tests including:

  • Foundation And Drainage Investigation
  • Soil Analysis And Building Monitoring
  • Design Of Remedial And Repair Strategies

Why Choose Concept For Your Structural And Site Investigations?

At Concept we have a highly trained and experienced team of engineers working nationwide with the UK’s major Insurers, intermediaries, Consulting Engineers and private homeowners, to provide a one-stop service from structural and site investigation to repair.

  • Internal/external trial pits and boreholes
  • Hand and mechanical auguring
  • Window sampling/dynamic probing
  • Laboratory/soil testing, carried out to relevant BS, EN and ISO standards
  • Drainage investigations utilising CCTV
  • Video monitoring of buildings
  • Comprehensive reporting

Concept's team of experts are here ready to discuss a range of services for any new project. Get in touch today!