What is Site Investigation?

The purpose of a Phase II site investigation is to ascertain the geotechnical and geo-environmental parameters of the site in question to enable an accurate and value-engineered foundation design, remediation/stabilisation strategy, and solution to be formulated.

By completing a site investigation that is adequate and appropriate to the end use of your site you will be able to manage and control the risks associated with your project.

Drilling operative using a wrench to unscrew some geobore casing

We offer the following ground investigation services: 

  • Rotary and cable percussive drilling
  • Trial pitting and trenching
  • Cable percussive boring
  • Dynamic probing windowless sampling
  • Dynamic Probing
  • Specialist rotary drilling and coring
  • Geotechnical and geo-environmental laboratory testing
  • Instrumentation installation and management
  • Long-term groundwater and gas monitoring
  • Geotechnical logging by qualified geologists

Ground investigations are commissioned by a variety of professionals and organisations such as:

  • Design and Build Contractors
  • Building Surveyors
  • Commercial and Residential Developers
  • Housing Associations
  • Local Authorities
  • Government Agencies
  • Solicitors

Why is Ground investigation Important? 

Failing to carry out thorough ground investigations can be one of the biggest risk elements in the development of concepts and construction and in turn, budgets for proposed projects. If the ground beneath a project proves to be incompatible there can be huge cost and safety implications.   

It is important to carry out ground investigations and report on the engineering considerations to understand the geology of a proposed site for development/redevelopment. This can assist in the preparation of budget, design, or remedial works to be undertaken before any planned construction takes place.  

Casing pipes laying across a metal bar

Why Choose Concept For Your Ground investigations?

We can assist with sites of varying complexity. If required, we can provide additional services including:

  • UXO clearance
  • GPR surveys
  • Drone surveys
  • Archaeology
  • LIDAR surveys
  • Ecology

To ensure the greatest value, we can combine these services into one overall package to provide maximum efficiency.

Concept's team of experts are here ready to discuss a range of services for any new project. Get in touch today!